Hex Bois

Hex Bois

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How to play Hex Bois

You are welcome to the quick sport you make a hexagon. Save from other players and destroy its foundation! Create a general Taylor on your basis on your basis for your baseline and save money. Be sure to secure all tiles to your Colonel. The part of the tile will disappear and destroy if it is not the relationship! When you have a deadline destroyed, saved and killed you. Different plates: These plates - these plates are best to attack other players, they are easier to make them to make other parts of all hexagonal empire. The generator produces a small amount, but build enough, and you will soon be rich! The most important plates are the heart of all reasons. Each tile Colonel serves as an anchor that all your plates are attached. Create more in principle the map and protect the ability to save them. Each of the colonels improves your mothers income, so good to build you as soon as possible! Wall plate - best when the best. These dinner plates are cheap instruments for getting a lot of security on your foundation. But they need to improve health, so buy you before you need! Do you want to play as help? Do not risk the risk or generator. For each colonial or generator you increase your costs. This means that they can be very expensive, and if you allow them to destroy them all the time they will be able to replace! Reduce the number of active plates. The number of tiles you display the scoreboard (above left). It spends less on you less. The same tile you have less likely to be more expensive than you can. So be careful about the waste tile. Building on the corner of the card. It is easy to save when you have done well! There is no way that a player can follow you if you were made against the events in a sugar or an event. But they will be cautious with the valuable meters as more attractive!



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