is a multiplayer FPS game with a flag mechanism. Choose your character, choose your weapon, and dive into fast action. Use your skills and reflexes to dominate the rankings. Unlock the card and use it tactically against your opponent. games
Start the game with Lilium or Shin and choose from four basic weapons. The current arsenal includes the following:

Scars-Fit for medium / long distance relationships
Shotgun: A powerful short-range weapon
Sniper-a powerful long-range weapon
Tec-9-Short / Medium Reach Fast Fire SMG
Whatever weapon will bring you the most genocide, pick it up and use it to reach the top of the community rankings.
Each character has a unique ability called a card that can be used in favor of other players. Earn points by defeating enemies, catching flags and unlocking the map, and moving to higher levels for more powerful movements. Use their tactics to defeat difficult enemies and defeat them quickly.
Similar games provides a game-like FPS feel like and Bullet Force. The game isn’t overloaded with too many features, and melee attacks make FPS games faster and more responsive. It’s more skill-based than many popular titles.
High speed FPS game
Map of limited space
Unlockable sheets, cards, gestures
Clean 3D graphics for a smooth gaming experience

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