ev.io is a futuristic Halo-style first-person shooter for your browser.

Currently, the game supports two game modes. In Deathmatch, you will face other players directly and get the most kills. In Team Deathmatch, work with your team to achieve the maximum number of collective kills.

ev.io’s weapon system is a bit different from other browser shooters like Krunker and Venge in that you can’t pick up weapons on the map. In ev.io, select the main weapon to use first. A pistol, automatic rifle, or laser rifle. Each of the different major weapons is categorized into a different prototype. For example, auto rifles do little damage, but have a fast firing rate. Laser guns do a lot of damage, but they fire slower.

In addition to selecting the main weapon, you can also collect weapons on the map. There are three weapons you can collect: a shotgun, a sniper, and a rocket launcher. Pickup weapons are much more powerful than the main weapon, but have limited ammo. Therefore, to get the most out of your shots, you need to count them.

The game also has a fairly complex skill system that focuses primarily on movement and grenades.
Grenades-You can choose 2 out of 3 grenades: smoke grenades, standard grenades, flash grenades. Move: Spend 3 points on any three of teleport, jump, and sprint. For example, you can spend 1 point on sprints and 2 points on teleportation. If he spends all three to jump, he can jump three times.

Jumps don’t require stamina, but others like teleports and sprints. The mechanism of movement of ev.io is diverse. Compete on the leaderboard or visit the in-game store to unlock skins and other cosmetics (coming soon). You can also play private games with your friends by pressing the shared game link in the menu (press M to access).

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