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How to play is a team-based drawing puzzle game where you can play with your friends!

Draw, guess and win! That's all about Gartic. 100% online games and free! In each round, a player is chosen to draw something so that other players can guess. After the points goal is achieved, the first player will be nominated as the winner. Gartic also allows players to create their own room to play with their friends, or choose from six themes to draw.

How to play GARTIC.IO is a very easy game to play!

When it's the turn of another player, try to guess what the picture is. Use the answer box to submit your guess. You can also use the chat box to have fun talking to other players. When it's your turn to draw, use the tools to create the best possible picture. The more players find the word, the more points you will earn!

GARTIC.IO Strategy
Quick tips:

When you draw, you can send clues to the player to help them find the word, but the more clues you give, the more points you get for each discovery Will be less. strength!
Try to find the word as soon as possible to get more points. Try to draw fast and don't spend too much time on the details. The important thing here is to allow the player to find the word. Never write anything on the drawing. Other players may slow you down and lose all the points you earned the next turn.


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