Fruits Slice

Fruits Slice

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How to play Fruits Slice

Chop like a chef, fast like a ninja, it's an amazing as well as habit forming satisfying leisure game. Hold to cut, launch to stop, avoid numerous boards, which will certainly damage your knife, to get to the surface line. Slice like a real master. It's so gratifying!


.IO Adventure Kids

Fruits Slice Comments
  • Shut
    ha ha i am at school
    8 months ago
  • Dino
    10 months ago
  • Bennett
    You can’t play it
    10 months ago
  • gracedfrr
    chicken butt
    10 months ago
  • Shad0w
    most of your games suck but this one is pretty good
    10 months ago
  • oogyboogyman
    im the oogy boogy man
    10 months ago
  • bob
    it is so fun
    10 months ago
  • buddy
    hey whats up
    10 months ago
  • amongamer
    wow its like AMAZING
    10 months ago
  • kinsley
    it is amazing
    10 months ago