Paperio 8

Paperio 8

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How to play Paperio 8 8 is a new sequel to a fun multiplayer IO game that you can play online and for free on As in the first episode, your job is to occupy part of the field, conquer the territory of other players and become the leader of the party. Don't forget to cross your opponent's truck to eliminate enemies and return to the base before other players hit you first.
Find out how much you can get off the map without being killed. Don't be fooled by the gentle colors of your enemies. The enemy always tries to catch you. Extend as much as you can and have fun with Paper IO 8!


Control: Arrow = Move


.IO Action Multiplayer

Paperio 8 Comments
  • Raina
    I love this game I play all the time
    5 months ago
  • Rose
    this game is kinds fun but not rlly
    6 months ago
  • Enter0_0
    fun game -_-
    7 months ago
  • bob
    7 months ago