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How to play is a free yoga. Are you ready for an epic battle? is a multi-player concept game where you will face monsters and other players on the server to become the most powerful hero. Create your character from hundreds of spells, weapons and equipment and go through unique biomes ... if you want to be the host.

Complete the task and search the distance on the map to find unique rewards and themes. What are you waiting? Join the battle! And don't forget to invite friends -

Lose Boss Monsters: Can You Kill the Last Dragon Boss? Each biome has unique characteristics of enemies and owners with whom you can compete.
Create your character: Choose from 100 spells, cross out 6 magic items, swords, tools and stats to create your own collection.
The main head: Can you become the best player in all the magic classics? Get things done: Do you have any work to do? Fill your vampire diary with enemies; Do more with a hundred tasks and gain access to daily demand and special rewards!


How to play

Movement: WASD or arrow keys
Objectives: mouse
Shoot: left mouse button
Symbol: left scroll key
Change the selected spelling: 1-4 keys
Ta: F


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