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Battle Dude io

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2D Shooters who completely destroy man, as you fight with groups and other players! There are different maps and many cards to choose with many cards and maps. To help your enemies you have more than 20 different weapons, you can unlock the game and get a point XP. On large cards you can use vehicles such as the Jeep and Roadcard tank and deliver your friends. A jeep friends of a run a traveler can fire the enemy! Meanwhile, a strong troop is the same place, however, proud, proud to be a powerful shooting rocket.  Just be careful with a long boot tim. All tips and all players have the same attitude to Bangurus, even if you can choose this behavior unlocked pepper. Item weapons, health, speed, medium, medium, speed, speed, speed, speed, speed, recovery rate and can increase. It allows you to integrate a large number of weapons and safe in your way. Contact your teams with Amji Whales. Sami, right, it allows you to contact you with teams without your language and other languages.  Through sports and getting coins you can unlock and buy many new behaviors. Attractive. A. In a daily figure and containing a billing table with statistical statistics. If you create an account to save your XP development, you can compare to others in the account table. The game shows that you can buy new hat and MBB with currency or currency. Get the game and get XP.  The road can be purchased from the store. Each currency can purchase a particular item. Control that all controls are completely memory (you can choose). Continue on the menu menu and change it! Your character is a keyboard check, your weapon with a mouse and a mouse button with a mouse.  When you go out of ammunition, press RILL to restart. To get into the car, press it. The selected weapon, scroll, scroll, scroll or press the board 1, 2, the MOB button or press the tabs that allow you to improve your steps. And when the driving drive is open;).  Use gently. To destroy the basic help. Use your RPP on the map shining on the road. It helps you and your teams win them. If you need to come back to the back, also use the RPG wall to break the loop wall. Grenades damaged the car, but many of the losses against other players.  Help your friends, pump packages and packages for health, and they help you. Also large in pistol recovery deserted walls. Can consist of you, show one of the same privileges, there will be two effects. When the game starts the name and the explanation on the screen. Draw all ads in the game to buy several gemstones! It allows you to name your game screen.  Soon the mobile support of the tournament. 


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