Amongus 3

Amongus 3

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Hey, you can't identify anyone among the real scammers! When you're ready, come here with the battle royale version of Among Uss! One of Us 3 Battle Royale's most popular games these days is an online multiplayer game where everyone is an enemy to each other. In this game you need to learn to protect yourself with weapons, move fast and always aim correctly. Otherwise, unfortunately you won't be the winner of this game. Walk-through battle royale version: Kill and Surrender! Attack your opponent with clever movements while protecting yourself! Get ready to enjoy online games to your heart's content. Among us, Battle Royale playing with a real computer player witnesses the battle to survive in the universe on a black background. Problems that increase as you level up, life threats to overcome, and a much more enjoyable gaming experience.


.IO Adventure Multiplayer Shooting Action

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  • Araceli
    Why does it take so long to load
    7 months ago
  • hotmam
    krys lol xd
    7 months ago
  • littleraven
    love the game
    7 months ago